Thursday, December 9, 2010

Checking in

I have been doing pretty well these last couple of days with my eating. Of course I'm not perfect but who is. I have walked at least 30mins a day so I'm getting in a little bit of exercise. I plan on getting at least 30mins of walking in a day if not more. I'm hoping I getting into a better routine and will be able to stick to it.


Monday, December 6, 2010

Starting again!

You can tell by the title of this post that I begin my journey again. I fell off the wagaon months ago and was too embrassed to post about. I have come to realize that my not posting has hurt me in the long run. This is suppose to be about the day to day struggles. We will win and love some battles but if we pick ourselves up in the end we will win the war. I know I fail but I need to get myself moving again.

I will try to blog every day but if I don't I will at least once a week. I'm currently working a seasonal job and still taking care of my family so I have been really busy. I like the job but the only thing is I realize eating really bad things at work. I love candy bars and chips which are there in the vending machine. A couple of days ago I decided I will not buy any candy or chips from there. I'm still letting me have candy in small amounts. I bought some dove chocolates and plan to let me get 1 or 2 a day to get my craving out the way. I know if I don't allow myself to have at least a little amount will totally crash. I didn't buy anything from the vending machine on Saturday or Sunday so 2 days down.

I have been having some problems with my health. I found out about 3mos ago that I have High Blood pressure and they put me on the lowest dose. After a month I went back in but it didn't change the pressure so they up the dose and it is work well. Lot less headaches! Also I have been having a lot of back and hip problem so I really need to lose this weight.

I also will be starting another new adventure which I will take about tomorrow. I'm really happy about what the future holds for me.

I really want to thank Jamie for getting ahold of me on facebook. She made me realize that even if I am not perfect people will still be there to support me. I also want to be supportive for others. So that me know if you need some support because we all are here for each other. God bought us all there because we are meant to be together in this journey.