Monday, October 26, 2009

The Weekend

The weekend went pretty well or should better than the last couple of weekends.  I got a little bit of exercising in but not a lot.  I'm taking it one day at a time and hopefully things will get a lot better.

My eating today has been a lot better and improving every day.  I have got in 2 fruit already and plan on at least a couple more.  I also plan on getting at least 8 cups of water and some exercise. 

I know these last couple of weeks have been bad but I tooking toward the future not back at the past.


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A quick update

I working on getting back into the healthier eating and exercising.  It is been slow these last 2 days but I know I have to getting going.  I will just have to pick myself up and get moving.  I know I fail again but I will have to forgive myself or I won't be able to move on.

I have been having a lot of up back problems which is mainly a rib that like to get out of position.  It causes a lot of pain and it makes me feel that I can't get enough air.  If I don't lose some weight on top as well as my bottom half I will be in big trouble!!

Thanks for checking and hopefully you will see some improvement in the coming day.


Saturday, October 17, 2009

day 54

Well I did again!!!  I had a rough week!  I start good last weekend when my Mother and nieces came out for a visit.  I didn't overeat when we ate out or stayed in a motel for the night so the kids could go swimming.  I went swimming for a little while because I was holding my son.  After about an hour he got too cold to be in the water any longer.  After the weekend was over my emotions got the best of me!  I gave into that little voice that told me to eat and never stop.

Besides I was feeling homesick and upset because my husband and I had a fight.  Him being the a man could not understand why I had a hard time getting over the fight.  I'm am a true emotional eater and I proved it this week.  I eat from the moment I got up til the moment I went to bed.  It seemed like a nonstop buffet that went on all week. It had salty foods such as chips and sweet food like cookies and brownies. Of course I gain back the 4 pounds I lost last week and hated myself for it.

I only exercise one day this week after going swimming on Saturday.  I did 30mins on my elliptical machine.  I kept telling myself I need to exercise but I kept giving into that little voice who wants me to fail.

It seems like my local support has just completely gone away.  My only close friend around here hasn't been call me at all.  We use to talk at least 3 times a day but now all I get is text messages which are jokes. She also has been trying to lose weight this last year and I have always been there for her.  I just don't understand while she can't be there for me. I need as much support as I can get right now.

Not only are my emotions causing me problem or finance is causing a problem.  We are a one income family so money is very tight.  My brother-in-law has been renting out our basement to help with our money problems.  He has it very easy because my husband is only making him pay $250.00 a month without helping  with utilities.  He has been paying us since March and he kept telling us he will keep up by the end of the year.  We use his rent to pay our property taxes at the end of the year.  Well since he kept telling us that he will have us pay up by then we didn't save any extra.  We live from pay check to pay check and we are behind on some medical bill.  We are also behind on a couple of credit cards so when we have a little extra we try to give more to those bills.  Last week my husband talk to his Dad because he does the books for my brother-in-law.  He tells my husband that they will not be able to give us any money until after he does the income taxes in Feb.  Now we have to come up with $1,250 by the end of Dec for taxes.  We have to cut out trip planned to see my family in Dec for Christmas and my husband hunting trip.  Also, we will have figure a way to get Christmas gift from us and Santa for our children.  Hopefully, my husband will get some overtime but it may not happen.  With this added stress hasn't help me either!

Sorry, I haven't gotten on here lately.  I'm sorry I had to express my disappoint in myself and our situation.



Thursday, October 8, 2009

Day 45

I have been have a pretty good week so far and hopefully it continues through to next week.  Thankfully all my children are healthy again and no one else got Strep throat.  Either Mother and my niece will be coming out here for the weekend for a visit or we will be meet them half-way in Austin MN.  If we meet them in Austin we will be staying in hotel and go shopping.  Either way will be great because I haven't seen my family since July and miss them a lot.  Living 8 1/2hr apart sucks!  I would have more support if we lived closer which would help with my loneliness!

My eating this week has gone well and I'm very happy with myself!  I can see improvements in the way I'm eating.  I use to go eat any junk food I had in the kitchen like chips, cookies, Swiss cake rolls and everything else not good for you.  I have noticed I don't do that much anymore because I stop to thing about how many calorie or fat in it.  By doing this I realize I don't really want all those calorie and I'm really not hungry.  I'm still working telling myself I don't have hurt after eating to be full.   I just need to feel satisfied and be happy.

I have been doing more exercise this week but there is still a lot of room for improvement there.  One thing I worry about is how many calories my body needs when I'm exercising more.  I know you need more calories if you are exercising because if you don't eat enough your body will go in starvation mode.  I don't want this to happen and lose more muscle than fat.

Tomorrow is weigh-in day and hopefully I will see a loss.  I know even if you don't see a change on the scale you could have still lost inches.  I have been notice some of my clothes are not as tight as they were before. Yay!!! Some improvement is happening.


Monday, October 5, 2009

Day 41

This is just a little check in.  I'm proud of myself because I didn't overeat this weekend.  Like I have said before weekends are my worst time with overeating.  I also got in some exercise but not as much as I would have like.   I believe this is a good progress and plan on keeping it up. 

I have a little cold but I still plan on continuing with my plans with my eating and exercise.


Friday, October 2, 2009

Day 39

This week went pretty well for me in regards to my eating.   I found that I made more healthier choices than I did before.  I believe I'm improving on my way of eating but it will take time.  I did get much exercise in this week.  I had a sick 18 mo old on Monday and Tue so he wanted to be held all the time. Because of him being clingy I wasn't able to get in my walks.  Then Wed afternoon my daughter JoEllen was crying after school because her throat was really sore.  Luckily, we were already going to the Doctor for a recheck on her sister so they were able to JoEllen out also.  We found out the next day she had Strep Throat and she need medicine.  I have been trying to keep everyone else healthy and it has been a lot of work.

I did weigh myself and it was the second week in a row of not losing any weight.  I'm just glad I did gain any and will try hard next week.


Saturday, September 26, 2009

Day 33

This week had many up and downs that I had to deal with.  The beginning of  week didn't start so well which wanted to make me cry.  But I got over it and moved on.  I started to do better on Tue and by the end of the week I weighed myself like normal.  I didn't lose any weight but at least I didn't again any. So my weight was 271 pounds for the second week.  I know it is not an good excuse but I do have a big problem with my eating the week before Aunt Flo comes.  And Aunt Flo started today.

I didn't exercise to much this week which I know is very wrong!  I know part of the reason is because I was very tired and crabby.  I need to figure a way to keep myself motivated all the time.  I find myself wishing I could be like a lot of people who love to exercise and keep at it.  But I'm not and I will have to work at it.

My husband and I might get to go out by ourselves for a couple of hours this evening.  That is if my friend doesn't bail on us again.  We don't get out by ourselves every often because it so hard to find a babysitter when we need one.  Family said give us a call when you want to go out and we will watch them but they never can do it.  I really want to go out because we plan to celebrate our 9th Anniversary early.  Our anniversary is on the 30th which is on Wed. and it is even hard to go out during the week.  During the week we have to help our two oldest children with their homework and baths for all the children.

I have been reading a book this week and it really describe me.  The book is called Getting There Staying There by Jennifer Klein.  It had very great info which I could really relate to and it gave me some great tips also.  If you are looking for a good book to read I recommend this book.  It took me about two weeks to read it because I kept stopping because it made me really think about my relationship with food.

Got to Go!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Day 25

I did pretty good yesterday.  I felt hungry all day so I think I did eat enough the day before.  I'm find out how many calories a need a day with considering my exercises. 

Today, was weigh in day and I felt very good about the loss.  I lost 5 pounds this week. Yay!!  I told myself not to worry if the number on the scale increase or doesn't move because I notice some of my clothes aren't feeling as tight so I know things are improving.

I'm hoping that my children get better soon because my 18mo old son is very crabby.  He only wants Mommy and not Daddy so I don't get time to myself.  My older girls sound like they are better and in a better mood also.  I'm hoping my stress level goes down in the next couple of days.


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Day 24

 I know I haven't been on much this week but I have been dealing with 4 sick kids this week.  Some of them had cold symptoms and some had muscles also.  They seem to get a little better each day and thankfully none of them have been running fevers. So far my husband and I haven't gotten of the cold symptoms yet.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we don't get them.

This last week was very different than my normal.  I did very well on my eating and I did some exercises.  Usually on the weekend it is a binge fest so I'm really happy with myself.  I gave myself a litle pat on the back! I'm hoping this will be how this will be for weekends to come.

This week has been going very well. I didn't overeat all week which was hard do to stress.  I did get a little bit more than I wanted to yesterday but I'm learning that it is not a major downfall.  So instead of totally give up I figured it was just a little bump in the road.  So far today it has been a good day and I hope to continue it until I go to bed.

I have exercise everyday this week and plan on continue at least another couple of day then take a day off.  My upper back is giving me problems again so I may have to go and get an adjustment at the chiropractor.  I hope soon with losing more weight the back problems will improve. It always hurts worse after exercising but I plan to keep going.  After a couple of adjustment thing will improve for a while.


Saturday, September 12, 2009

Day 18

Today went really well with my eating.  I didn't overeat or eat because of my emotions.  I had a lot stress because my three oldest just could get along today!  I did eat a small piece of cheesecake but I figure it in my meal plan.  I usually have two big pieces a couple times a day when I make cheesecakes but I didn't. Yay!!!

I got some exercises in today not much but I did some clean around the house.  I was sweating and getting red in the face but I made it through the cleaning.  Of course the kids decided to hide or not listen to me when I asked them to help clean up.  It happens every time.

I'm proud that I didn't eat the bakery made turttle.  Dave got two of them which they weighed a combine weight of 1/2 pound. I have to admit I did eat one yesterday and felt very guilty.  Last night I thought about what I eat that day and new pictures I took.  I didn't like it at all!! I told myself tomorrow we will get back on the wagon and I'm on my way.


Friday, September 11, 2009

Day 17

I know I haven't been the greatest this week and I wasn't surprise to see a 1# gain for this week.  I'm going to move on and forgive myself.  I plan on going shopping today for some more healthier food and plan to get back on track.

I have been looking at some low-fat and low-calorie cookbook to find some good meal that everyone in my family will eat.  I have gotten some good meal ideas that I plan on trying out these next couple of weeks.  Hopefully my husband will like them so I can continue to use them.  He is always getting fating food and needs to lose about 30#.  I'm not going to tell him that I'm using low-fat or low-cal recipes for a couple of weeks.

My weight is 276#


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Quick update Day 16

My eating has been up and down this week but I'm trying improve.  I do have to say my eating has been better than it was a couple of weeks ago.  I'm still trying to get at least 4 fruits/veggies a day which is one of my problem areas.  I have been working on mindless eating!  There are times when I noticed I've eating something without realizing it. I have cut down my sweets but I can't seem to cut them out totally.  If I need chocolate I go for 1 or 2 weight watchers candy instead of a King size candy bar. 

I have trying to include exercising into my day.  I have been walking my children to school and back.  I know it is only about 2 blocks both way but somedays I go back and forth twice.  Then I have been trying to get a 2 mile exercise video in too.  Somedays, I get in and other I don't.  If I don't I try to walk around or in place for 2000 steps.  Last night I did 4000 steps because we went out for pizza with a friend.

Tomorrow is weight in day and I will be happy if I don't gain weight.  I can't be prefect and it I try it will cause me to fail.  I have forgiven myself and moved on!


Saturday, September 5, 2009

Day 12

Today, has been going very well for me in regards to eating.  Part of the reason was I needed to get more healthier food in the house and the other reason was I'm really stressed.  My husband has been working 7 days straight without a day off also he is working nights.  He is currently training for maintenance at working and still has about a 1 1/2 yrs to go.  So his schedule can change from week to week which make planing family outings very hard.  Well last night he worked a 12hr shift and didn't get home until 1pm so he was very tired.  I stressed because I'm trying to keep 4 very noise kids from waking him up.  For some reason they don't know how to use a quiet inside voice so I'm always telling my to be quiet.  After awhile it gets on my nerves and I get upset.  I have always been an emotional eat and today has proven it.  I did realize after awhile what I was doing and tried to stop.  I have slowed down my eating but not totally stopped it.

I have sat down and figure out the next 3days what I will be eating for my meals.  I have decided to try the weight watchers point system again.  So I planed the meals to stay in my point range and hopefully it will keep me on track the next couple of day.  With having what snack or meal I have plan on eating written down it should help cut down my mindless eating.  It also will help so I don't have to look around for something to eat and pick the wrong choice.

I changed the name of my blog today.  I felt I need to add my name to it so I realize I'm committed to loosing the extra weight.  I have to keep telling myself I'm not hungry when it is only 10mins after a meal.  I have to realize that I'm satisfied and I don' t have to hurt to be full.

I figured out this blog is from me to keep on track and help me keep track of mistake I have make.  This way I can correct the problems and forgive myself.  Also if people read the blog and leave comments is an added bonus.  

Kids are fighting again so I better go.


Friday, September 4, 2009

Day 11

I have been very busy this week with getting back into a routine with my children and school.  So far it has been going well.  I believe I will have time in the afternoons to exercise and it will before the three older ones get home.  With them not being around gives me a little peace and quiet which I will be able to spend on me.

I have been working on my eating and it is slow going.  Some days are better than other but I'm working on this really hard.  I have been cutting down my portions sizes and next I plan on getting in more fruits & veggies.  I have increased some of the fruits and veggies but it not enough yet.  I also have cut down the amount of salt I using and hopefully will cut it out totally.  I love adding salt to all my food except fruits so cutting out that extra salt is really hard.

I have been getting some exercises in each day and hopefully will increase it next week.  I have been walking the girls to and from school.  It is only 2 1/2 block each way but on some days I got back and forth twice.  I have some problems with a rib getting out of alinement so I for an adjustment at least once a month.  I'm hoping with losing the weight it will help with my heavy top half that keep pulling on my shoulders which cause all the problems.   I just had to have an adjustment today because it was out and it cause a lot of pain when I was walking.

Today was my weigh in day so I wanted to let everyone know I lost another 2 pounds.  This make a total of 7 pounds in the last two weeks.

I keep telling myself that people who read my blog will not get mad at me if I make a mistake.  I have this fear that if I write down my mistake on here I will not have one to help support me.  I need all the support I can get right now!

I want to say "Thank You" to all the people who read my blog and for the comments.


Monday, August 31, 2009

Day 7

I don't know about anyone else but the weekends are when I'm at my worst.  I didn't eat to well or exercise much but I didn't go over board.  I always messed up during the weekends but I'm to change it.  I'm not going to allow myself to give up.  I will tell that little voice in my head that it's not alright to overeat and not exercise on the weekends.

Today, is the start of my second week and I have already started getting my eating back on track.  I have my eat for the day all planed out so I can stick to the plan.  I found out that if I didn't plan what I was going to eat that I would eat something not good for me.  Like if I didn't have apples planed for a snack I would eat a candy bars.  I know I can totally take chocolate out of my life because if I do I would be craving it.  Then I would go buy a big bag of Candy and it almost all of it.  Which I don't want to do at all!!!

I've been trying to get in at least 10 cups of water a day.  It's not too hard to do when I'm at home because I usually don't drink pop.  But when I'm away from home running errand it is harder to get in all the water in for the day and  I something buy a big fountain pop to keep me going.  I also like to drink some ice tea or green tea during the day.

My plan for exercising today is to do at least 30mins.  I will be doing an exercise tape for a 2 mile walk that take 30mins then hopefully I will do some crunches or weights.  I need to make time for myself to get my exercises in because if I don't I will never get them done.

I'm a little stressed because tomorrow is the girls first day of school. JoEllen and MaKayla will be in 2nd grade and I don't worry so much about them.  They have many friend at school plus my friend Candace work at the school and will keep an eye out for them.  Amber will be starting her very first day of school tomorrow afternoon.  She will be in 4yr old Kindergarten and this makes me a little sad.  She growing up so fast and I'm lossing my little girl.  I felt this way with JoEllen and MaKayla also but got over it after awhile.  This will leave only Levi home in the afternoon which will free up a little more of my time.  I don't know how he will act without his sisters around to play with but we will have to learn to deal with it.

For anyone who reads my blog please help support me.  Any little comment or suggestions would help a lot.  I have been trying to find other weight loss blog so I can help them also.  I think with some more support from other help us all in the long run.  So if you have a blog let me know so I can help support you.

Thanks April

Friday, August 28, 2009

day 5

Today was weight in day and I have lost 5 pounds this week!! I was glad to see I had lost that much weight but I know not to expect it every week. Because some weeks will lose some and others you may not. Last night was open house at the school so we took the girls up there so they could drop of their school supplies. Also they got to see were their room was and meet the teachers. Amber will be 4yr kindergarten so she was a little shy meet her teacher but I know she will come out her shell after a couple of days.  I had a very busy day with my children.

First, I had to take JoEllen and MaKayla to the Dentist because they were getting sealant on their molars. We ended up canceling MaKayla's appointment because she had a bad cough. JoEllen also need a couple of baby teeth pulled because her adult teeth were coming in wrong. I was really surprised because she sat real still and didn't care at all.  Not something you expect from a 7yr old but I'm glad it went well.

I also took MaKayla into the doctor's office for the cough.  Found out that she has a sinus infection and an ear infection in the left ear.   She is now on oral medication for sinus infection and ear drop for ear infection.  So hopefully she will be better in a couple of days.

We also had to supplies for the week and it was fun.  My son Levi is getting to bottom teeth and he had a heat rash so he was very crabby.  I don't blame him at all because if I was going through it I would feel the same way.  So with him being crabby it took a little long to get some of the stuff.

I didn't do to well with my eating because I didn't eat the right things.  It was a little hard when you are gone from the house from 11am until 4:30pm.  So I overate after I got home but I will not totally bum me out.  Usually I would just give up and keep on eating but I will not let myself go of the deep end.  I forgive myself and will learn from my mistake.  Tomorrow will be a new day and I will continue on this journey.

I keep telling myself that I can do this.  I'm like Thomas the toy train I keep letting myself "I think I can, I think I can!"


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Day 3

I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to update yesterday. I had a little scary with my son but all is well. Today, he was a little crabby because he is getting a couple of teeth.

I'm proud of myself because I gone 2 nights without binging before bed. I also haven't gotten up during the middle of the night to eat either. I'm trying to take baby steps to thing rolling on my weight loss. I have to decide if I'm going to either count calorie with sparkspeople or do weight watchers points. I have had some success on both so I don't know what I will do yet. I started to read the book Half-assed and I'm hoping that it will help motivate me.

I have always dreamed that will be thin, happy and very loved. I should know that I'm loved but I still have doubts. Will I ever be healthy and happy? I hope so!!

All my family lives in South Dakota which is an 8 to 8 1/2 hr drive from here. Some day I wish I lived closer to my family and other that I'm glad I don't. If I lived closer I would have a bigger support group for me which would help a lot. I would be able to go to the health club to work because I would have someone to babysit my children. My husband is currently working a lot of overtime because he training from maintenance. So his hours vary between all shifts. Another with being closer to my family would be the increased stress. I have three sisters who always made fun of me about my weight and thought they were better than me. So I would always worry about what they will say or what they are thinking. Two of my sister have put on a some extra weight but they don't seem to mind it. I think they still believe they are thin and better than me. I try not to care but it still hurts.

My husband tries to support me with trying to get healthier but he doesn't alway understand what I'm going through. He is a little bit overweight but he not worried about at all. He tells me "I love you just the way you are and I don't care what you weigh." I have a hard time believing him because how can he love me when I can even love myself! He doesn't seem to realize that when he sit down in front of me eating some dessert, candy or ice cream that he is temping me to eat it too.   I also way seem to give into temptation!! Then he will say "I thought you were dieting." It always seem to hurt after his comment and he doesn't realize what he has done. I have to forgive him because I love him.

My children can be really stressful! I have twin 7yr olds, 4yr old and a 1yr old.  So I'm really busy trying to keep them out of trouble or to get them to bed.  I seem to eat when I'm stress. Of course it could be because I'm an emotional eater.  They don't understand that their Mommy is trying to get healthier so we can always get snack foods. They are alway asking for candy, swiss cake rolls and ice cream.  Right now my children are not overweight but I really worry about it happening. I don't wish for them to have the life I did growing up. Children and adults can be very mean to overweight children. I remember getting call Grape Ape and alway getting pick last for games. I hate this part of my life.  Hopefully I can lose the weight so I can take them to the park and play with them. I want to be the best role model for them I can be so I need to successed!!!

I'm sure we all have had your own problems with making and keeping friends. I know growing up I some really good friends who are still friend but live very far away. I have a lot of good memories from spending time with them and they didn't care I was overweight. Since I'm overweight and a little shy I seem to have a problem finding friends. I have some trust issues and some of that come from my real father not spending time with me when I was growing up. I alway thought it was because I was overweight but he says it's because he gave up his right to me to so my stepfather could adopt me. He is trying to make amends but I can't totally trust him. I'm afaid of getting hurt!!

My closes friend around here is Candace. She just got divorce and has one child. She also has some weight issused and wants to lose the weight. I have try to help her by asked her if we could support each other.  We could exercised together and get together for weigh ins.  She says yes but never goes through with it.   If I try to call her to find out if she is comming over she either doesn't return my calls or says she can.  I hopefully she will change her mind and wants my support.  I understand she is scared she will fail.   I 'm scared also but I'm willing to try again.  What kind of life would we have if we don't take chances.

I know I need to work on my emotional eating and also my overeating.   I'm going to take it one day at a time and forgive myself for mistakes.  There will be a lot of ups and downs but I have to keep on going. I seem to totally give up when I make a mistake! I will be working on a lot if issuse and learning to reconized when I full.  Right now full to me is when I'm in pain and it has to change. I also need to learn to forgive and love myself so I can have a happy life.

Well I have to get my husband up for work and then go to bed myself.  I need to get use to getting up early again since school starts next Tues.


Monday, August 24, 2009

Week 1

Today, was offiically my first day on my journey to a healthier me! I know this will be a really rough road but I'm willing to try my best to get there. There will be up and down but I will not give up!

Some way or another we all get a wake-up call which starts us on the journey to a new way of life.  For some it is new developing health reason or some reason that make us realize we don't want to live this way anymore. Mine came a couple days ago when I got up and one of my 7yr old twin give me an important #. The # was from an informaical for weight loss. She said "Mom here is a # that will help you loss weight so you would be fat anymore!" I know she didn't mean to hurt my feeling but it did. I tried not to cry which is exactly what I wanted to do. I also wanted to go into my room and never come out. I had to ask myself what kind of a role model I was to my children.  Well not a very good one but I want work to be a better one!

My eating today started out well but hit a snag around noon. I had a plan to eat a healthy meal but a some summer sausage and string cheese instead. I know it was because I was very hungry and I need to eat now. I know it is only the first day and I will do better tomorrow. I did make up for it by not eating an afternoon snack. My supper was 4 1/2 oz of chicken breast, med. bake potato without butter and a salad with light ranch dressing. I only used 1 serving of light ranch and I split between the potato & salad. I plan on working in more fruits and veggies.

I went for a little walk with my children. It is hard to go very fast when you have twin 7yr old, a 4yr old and a 17mo old with you. But I at least go in some exercise and it was about a mile. I plan on exercising at least 30mins a day. I have elliptical machine but it is very noisy so I don't use it much. But that has to change! I also want to working some more exercising such as a dancing workout. I have been watching Dance your *** off and I want to get their workout video. It doesn't offically go on sale until the 15th so I have to wait.

I find it hard to figure out when I am really hungry or if it is just my emotions. My inner self is not very good to me. It always says "Go ahead and eat it!" "We will start again tomorrow." This is a never ending cycle for me and I have to find a way to break it. I also seem to hit a road block after I lose at least 20# which causes me to completly fall of the wagon. I need to learn to forgive myself and move on without totally blowing it. I"m hope by writing this blog and getting imput from other that I can do this.

I know I can to do this. I think I can, I think I can. I need to keep telling myself this over and over. Please try to understand I not very good at writting a blog but hopefully I will get better.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Little about myself

I'm 35 yrs old and I have been overweight almost all my life. I have been married for almost 9 yrs to a very wonderful man. Almost 10 yrs ago I moved from South Dakota to Wisconsin leaving the safety of my family. I'm also a stay at home mom of 4 beautiful children.

I can't even remember how many diet I have try and failed. If I were to label myself I would  an emotional and a overeater. I know doctor say at obesity is not a disease but a person's lack of willpower. Well I would disagree with them!! I think of food from the moment I get up til the moment I go to bed. I wouldn't doubt it that I dream about food. I can't remember how much I weigh in grade school but I know I was 250# when I graduated from High School. My highest weight since then was 311# and my lowest was 170#. I currently weight 282# and would like to get down to 165.

I had Gastric Bypass surgery back in Nov. 1998 which help me lose  141#. I love my new body except of course the extra skin I had around my belly. I kept the weight off for 2yrs until I started taking Drugs to IVF. My husband and I were able to get pregnant on our own so we had to do IVF. After the first treatment I was pregnant with twins. All during the pregnancy I forced myself to eat which streatched out my stomach. I gain over 50 pounds and never got rid of it. After another pregnancy 3 yrs later I gain even more weight and went back to my bad eating habits!

In March 2007 I decided to take diet pill to lose weight. I lost 40 pounds from March until Aug then I could seem to lose anymore weight and I was alway sick. So I went back to the Doctor because I though it was because of my IBS. After a couple of questions and exam of my belly she decided it was my IBS and was going to give me medicine. She asked my if I was pregnant and of course I said no but you can run a pregnancy test. Lab tech came out after the test to tell me I was pregnant!! Big Surprise because my husband and I had a slim to none chance of getting pregnant on our own. I called my Husband to tell him I was pregnant and he called me a liar. I don't blame him because we were suppose to get pregnant.  So during and after this last pregnancy I gain the weight back. Now I need to start again!!