Monday, August 31, 2009

Day 7

I don't know about anyone else but the weekends are when I'm at my worst.  I didn't eat to well or exercise much but I didn't go over board.  I always messed up during the weekends but I'm to change it.  I'm not going to allow myself to give up.  I will tell that little voice in my head that it's not alright to overeat and not exercise on the weekends.

Today, is the start of my second week and I have already started getting my eating back on track.  I have my eat for the day all planed out so I can stick to the plan.  I found out that if I didn't plan what I was going to eat that I would eat something not good for me.  Like if I didn't have apples planed for a snack I would eat a candy bars.  I know I can totally take chocolate out of my life because if I do I would be craving it.  Then I would go buy a big bag of Candy and it almost all of it.  Which I don't want to do at all!!!

I've been trying to get in at least 10 cups of water a day.  It's not too hard to do when I'm at home because I usually don't drink pop.  But when I'm away from home running errand it is harder to get in all the water in for the day and  I something buy a big fountain pop to keep me going.  I also like to drink some ice tea or green tea during the day.

My plan for exercising today is to do at least 30mins.  I will be doing an exercise tape for a 2 mile walk that take 30mins then hopefully I will do some crunches or weights.  I need to make time for myself to get my exercises in because if I don't I will never get them done.

I'm a little stressed because tomorrow is the girls first day of school. JoEllen and MaKayla will be in 2nd grade and I don't worry so much about them.  They have many friend at school plus my friend Candace work at the school and will keep an eye out for them.  Amber will be starting her very first day of school tomorrow afternoon.  She will be in 4yr old Kindergarten and this makes me a little sad.  She growing up so fast and I'm lossing my little girl.  I felt this way with JoEllen and MaKayla also but got over it after awhile.  This will leave only Levi home in the afternoon which will free up a little more of my time.  I don't know how he will act without his sisters around to play with but we will have to learn to deal with it.

For anyone who reads my blog please help support me.  Any little comment or suggestions would help a lot.  I have been trying to find other weight loss blog so I can help them also.  I think with some more support from other help us all in the long run.  So if you have a blog let me know so I can help support you.

Thanks April


  1. Keep it up, April! Planning really is a key ingredient to your success. Don't forget that if you are out of the house, if you need to you can buy water at pretty much any place that sells pop. Also, a lot of places that sell candy bars will have a limited selection of fresh fruit you can choose. Don't let yourself feel deprived, but do keep on making better choices and you will be successful!

    The three sites that I went to and posted at are:

    Note that if you live in the States, you might want to scratch the last one and instead try:

  2. Hi April! Found your blog thru 266. You have a lovely family and I look forward to following you.

  3. you are going to be okay. there is a time in life for everything. stay positive!