Thursday, October 8, 2009

Day 45

I have been have a pretty good week so far and hopefully it continues through to next week.  Thankfully all my children are healthy again and no one else got Strep throat.  Either Mother and my niece will be coming out here for the weekend for a visit or we will be meet them half-way in Austin MN.  If we meet them in Austin we will be staying in hotel and go shopping.  Either way will be great because I haven't seen my family since July and miss them a lot.  Living 8 1/2hr apart sucks!  I would have more support if we lived closer which would help with my loneliness!

My eating this week has gone well and I'm very happy with myself!  I can see improvements in the way I'm eating.  I use to go eat any junk food I had in the kitchen like chips, cookies, Swiss cake rolls and everything else not good for you.  I have noticed I don't do that much anymore because I stop to thing about how many calorie or fat in it.  By doing this I realize I don't really want all those calorie and I'm really not hungry.  I'm still working telling myself I don't have hurt after eating to be full.   I just need to feel satisfied and be happy.

I have been doing more exercise this week but there is still a lot of room for improvement there.  One thing I worry about is how many calories my body needs when I'm exercising more.  I know you need more calories if you are exercising because if you don't eat enough your body will go in starvation mode.  I don't want this to happen and lose more muscle than fat.

Tomorrow is weigh-in day and hopefully I will see a loss.  I know even if you don't see a change on the scale you could have still lost inches.  I have been notice some of my clothes are not as tight as they were before. Yay!!! Some improvement is happening.