Friday, October 2, 2009

Day 39

This week went pretty well for me in regards to my eating.   I found that I made more healthier choices than I did before.  I believe I'm improving on my way of eating but it will take time.  I did get much exercise in this week.  I had a sick 18 mo old on Monday and Tue so he wanted to be held all the time. Because of him being clingy I wasn't able to get in my walks.  Then Wed afternoon my daughter JoEllen was crying after school because her throat was really sore.  Luckily, we were already going to the Doctor for a recheck on her sister so they were able to JoEllen out also.  We found out the next day she had Strep Throat and she need medicine.  I have been trying to keep everyone else healthy and it has been a lot of work.

I did weigh myself and it was the second week in a row of not losing any weight.  I'm just glad I did gain any and will try hard next week.



  1. I know that it is hard to put yourself first in situations like that, but keep this in mind: if you don't get this under control, you may not be able to be there for them in the future 100%. It sounds like you are a great mom and I know how important that it... but if you find the time to work on this now, then you will always be able to be there for them! Think long term. Maybe you could try doing squats while holding the baby? Or lunges while in the kitchen preparing dinner? I know how hard it is to work everything in, but it does get easier once you have made it a habit. You can do this, April!!!

  2. I honestly believe in you, April! I want to see you succeed at this. I was the laziest shlub in the world when it came to exercise, so if I can do it, then someone amazing like you can definitely do it too! I know you can beat this!!!