Friday, September 11, 2009

Day 17

I know I haven't been the greatest this week and I wasn't surprise to see a 1# gain for this week.  I'm going to move on and forgive myself.  I plan on going shopping today for some more healthier food and plan to get back on track.

I have been looking at some low-fat and low-calorie cookbook to find some good meal that everyone in my family will eat.  I have gotten some good meal ideas that I plan on trying out these next couple of weeks.  Hopefully my husband will like them so I can continue to use them.  He is always getting fating food and needs to lose about 30#.  I'm not going to tell him that I'm using low-fat or low-cal recipes for a couple of weeks.

My weight is 276#



  1. It's a tiny gain so don't stress out about it; just learn from your mistakes and make the changes neccessary to move forward with your loss.

  2. Congrats on your work so far!