Saturday, September 5, 2009

Day 12

Today, has been going very well for me in regards to eating.  Part of the reason was I needed to get more healthier food in the house and the other reason was I'm really stressed.  My husband has been working 7 days straight without a day off also he is working nights.  He is currently training for maintenance at working and still has about a 1 1/2 yrs to go.  So his schedule can change from week to week which make planing family outings very hard.  Well last night he worked a 12hr shift and didn't get home until 1pm so he was very tired.  I stressed because I'm trying to keep 4 very noise kids from waking him up.  For some reason they don't know how to use a quiet inside voice so I'm always telling my to be quiet.  After awhile it gets on my nerves and I get upset.  I have always been an emotional eat and today has proven it.  I did realize after awhile what I was doing and tried to stop.  I have slowed down my eating but not totally stopped it.

I have sat down and figure out the next 3days what I will be eating for my meals.  I have decided to try the weight watchers point system again.  So I planed the meals to stay in my point range and hopefully it will keep me on track the next couple of day.  With having what snack or meal I have plan on eating written down it should help cut down my mindless eating.  It also will help so I don't have to look around for something to eat and pick the wrong choice.

I changed the name of my blog today.  I felt I need to add my name to it so I realize I'm committed to loosing the extra weight.  I have to keep telling myself I'm not hungry when it is only 10mins after a meal.  I have to realize that I'm satisfied and I don' t have to hurt to be full.

I figured out this blog is from me to keep on track and help me keep track of mistake I have make.  This way I can correct the problems and forgive myself.  Also if people read the blog and leave comments is an added bonus.  

Kids are fighting again so I better go.



  1. Great job on figuring out that you were emotionally eating. The next step is to put a plan in place for the next time that type of response is triggered. Maybe keep some cut up vegetables in your fridge to eat or keep some weights out to try and work your frustrations out that way.

  2. Welcome to the Healthy You Challenge!

    Best wishes to you on your journey!


  3. Hi, April! Welcome to the HYC! My one big piece of advice when you are getting started is PLAN. If you are going to be out running errands for a while, take a healthy snack with you. Fresh veggies and fruits in a baggie or some raw nuts (no salt!) The protein can really keep you from getting too hungry before the next meal. I started the Flat Belly Diet in Feb and it worked GREAT for me. Plus, it's a way of eating that's doable for life! It's not a restrictive, starving diet. You have a beautiful family. They are definitely a great reason for getting healthy and living longer!

  4. Welcome to the Healthy You challenge!