Saturday, September 12, 2009

Day 18

Today went really well with my eating.  I didn't overeat or eat because of my emotions.  I had a lot stress because my three oldest just could get along today!  I did eat a small piece of cheesecake but I figure it in my meal plan.  I usually have two big pieces a couple times a day when I make cheesecakes but I didn't. Yay!!!

I got some exercises in today not much but I did some clean around the house.  I was sweating and getting red in the face but I made it through the cleaning.  Of course the kids decided to hide or not listen to me when I asked them to help clean up.  It happens every time.

I'm proud that I didn't eat the bakery made turttle.  Dave got two of them which they weighed a combine weight of 1/2 pound. I have to admit I did eat one yesterday and felt very guilty.  Last night I thought about what I eat that day and new pictures I took.  I didn't like it at all!! I told myself tomorrow we will get back on the wagon and I'm on my way.



  1. Good job not eating due to stress. That's what's known as a non-scale victory (or NSV). Keep plugging away at this and before you know it, you won't even be tempted by a single piece of cheesecake.