Friday, June 18, 2010

1 post for week 1

I started working on my goal yesterday and it felt good to work on them. My eating was better than it has been in a couple of days and I will continue to work on this. I had a slim fast shake for breakfast today but I still have to plan on what else I will get. I do know I will be eating a salad w/tomatoes, little cheese, turkey and Thousand Island dressing. For supper I might be making some venison Bologna, noodle side dish and a salad. Snacks I'm working on.

Yesterday, for exercise I walk in the house for 30mins which equaled 2,500 steps. I also went for a short bike ride. I took the kids up to grandpa's house which is 3 1/2 blocks. While my youngest daughter decided to wear flip flops and tore off part of the nail on her big toe. So I rode back to our house to get her tennis shoes then rode back. After a while up they we rode back again. I figure that is about 14 blocks. I also did 30 jumping jacks which is not very pretty with all the excess weight around my belly. I also did about 44 crunches. I thought this was good for the day.

Today, I plan on getting on my elliptical machine for at least 30mins and maybe take the kids to the park depending on the weather. If I don't take them to the park I will at least do 30mins of walking the house. I want to try to get in some lunges but I don't know how many yet.

I suppose I better go do some of the everyday cleaning and spend some reading time with the kids.

I hopefully less stressful day!

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