Thursday, June 3, 2010

Check in

I should of check in on Monday but I haven't feeling well at all. We did a lot of walking around on Saturday when we went to Breakfast on the farm and the Air Show. We all had a great time but got sunburned. My son just loved the air show and would have love to stay. The last couple of days I haven't been able to exercise because I was ill. I plan to get back on track today by doing 30mins on my elliptical machine and to do 2000 steps.

My weight on Monday was 278#.


  1. Hey April! Saw your blog link on another blog. I just started my weight loss journey (again) back in December. It's nice to see someone newer to the journey! I am a SAHM, too. We home educate.

    Anyhow, sorry you weren't feeling well! Glad it's improved! =) =)

    @gourmetmama (Twitter) (blog)

  2. Hi April, I too, found you on a blog link. Stopping by to say you can do this! I'm a little bit more than half way to a 130 lb weight loss and its taken me over 2 years.

    Stop by and visit.

    Hope you feel better soon!